Whether you seek the right REALTOR® or the right office...

Here at RE/MAX Real Estate Services, we've been working hard at supporting some of the best professionals in the business and they are here to help you. Read what they have to say about working here.

Jeff Benna

I’ve been with RE/MAX Real Estate Services at Oakridge since 1995. Being here and being coached by David Andrews has made all the difference in the world to my career. I see on a daily basis what top-producers are doing, have frank discussions on the realities of real estate and I’ve had to raise my standards as a result.


I’m more focused on building net worth, paying attention to the investment side of the business and planning to get out of the sales side. There’s no better place to work and grow as a REALTOR® and investor. My life is different and better for being here.

Michele Laurent

There is a an immense amount of knowledge and professionalism in this office along with awesome support from a long standing staff. The staff know what they are doing and they are always friendly and fun. The REALTORS® are generous in sharing what actually works through all the shifting market conditions. Management is highly efficient, open minded and provide access to useful resources. David is incredibly good at getting you back to basics to stay on track. I don’t need to consider going to another office because, there simply is no reason to.

Sean Holdeon

Outstanding management, unparalleled support staff, exceptional resources and technology are one part of the equation. A collection of top producing REALTORS® always willing to give advice and answer questions and the upbeat and friendly atmosphere are another. Having access to this knowledge, experience and support with people that feel like family continues to be a priceless resource for me.

Andrew Hasman

I have been working out of the RE/MAX office in Oakridge since 1993 where and when launched my real estate career. I could not think of a better office to work from. The support staff and other REALTORS® are a wonderful mix of true professionals with strong ethics and morals. If you are contemplating an office to join I could not think of a better place to hang your license and work from.